Welcome to Windrose Coaching.
Windrose Coaching helps you to find your true North;
and discover insights that make you grow.
A full-circle horizon gives a clear view;
and room for joy, for the wind in your hair,
for reflection and silence: in this way
you learn how to trust your inner compass.

I am Peter Fokkens.
Certified Servant Leadership Coach and tallship captain, with a background in education and public health. Especially my time at sea taught me a lot about personal growth, leadership and teams. During my career I have coached managers en teams in a corporate environment as well as in government departments and NGO's.

My love for the sea, together with my philosophical interest, showed me the beautiful symbolism of the four wind directions. That proved to be a great metaphor for discerning qualities, pitfalls and challenges.
Clients laud my experience, keen questions and quiet, that gives them room to reflect and effectively grow in a safe setting.

As a captain and coach, I have "sea legs": experience, knowing your strength and a feeling for the flow. That's something many people crave, and everybody has that 'power spot'. I love the challenge to discover yours together.

Life Coaching

  • What does development mean for yóu?
  • Do you suffer from stress overload?
  • Do you doubt your career choices?
  • Does your relation need recharging?
  • Are you struggling with conflicts?


  • What can you do to be a good leader?
  • How change from management to leadership?
  • Where can you find new sources of inspiration?
  • How do you use the power of connectiveness?
  • What do you need for your career plan?


  • How do you define team quality?
  • How do you change from taboo to accountability?
  • How can you establish real communication?
  • What can professional autonomy bring to your team?
  • How can you bring talent to bloom?

Life Coaching

Life coaching is all about change. That's trying for everybody. It requires recognizing your talent and discovering your added value, but also professing restricting thought patterns and acknowledging personal limits.
What are your drives, when do you bloom? Windrose coaching gives you a better grip on your life and brings your goals near.
What could be better than finding your true north?

Coaching is always tailored to your needs. At a free intake session we determine together your goals and a number of sessions, based on your budget.

Leaderschip Coaching

Developing leadership is a process of trial and error. Good leadership adds value to stakeholders as well as co-workers, and society as a whole. Good leadership means maintaining a steady course without turning the wheel too much; a combination of drive and inner peace.
Captains of our time meet great challenges in managing complexity and making sustainable choices. That calls for a good balance between cognitive, economic and social intelligence. Windrose Coaching helps to tune your inner compass.

Team Coaching

The crew on board of a tallship is a great metaphor for every team, in every organization. Windrose Coaching uses that metaphor for team coaching, based on the symbolism of the four wind directions, showing personal and cooperating skills fast and clear.
By means of an in-company training, but even more effectively during a trip on a real tallship, Windrose Coaching gives every team the proverbial wind in the sails. The setting is inspiring, breaks through restricting patterns and brings new opportunities to light.
A trip with Windrose Coaching strongly appeals to open communication and critical self-reflection. Everybody has the same responsibility for a good result. Team coaching makes you find the role that brings out your talents best.

Windrose Test

The symbolism of the four wind directions and the archetypical roles on a tallship are the means for a coaching method that uses a simple and surprising personality test.

The Windrose Test shows you the roles that suit you best.
Curious? Take the free test as a prelude to a fruitful coaching program.

Are you interested in just the test? Download the Windrose Test.
Mail the completed test to us, and we'll contact you.

Appointments, Tariffs, Conditions

Every coaching process is tailored to the client. Based on an intake on site we give a detailed estimate for the time and money involved. Complex assignments are executed with more than one coach. For on-board team trainings a suitable tallship will be engaged.

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